Experience Ingonish


Ingonish is located on the Cabot Trail which has been identified as one of the top cycling routes in the world. While in the area, you may be interested n taking these local cycling routes:

Keltic Lodge Loop - Distance - 5 km 

Start - Turn off for Keltic Lodge and Ingonish Beach off Cabot Trail. This is a scenic route, which offers spectacular views of Cape Smokey Mountain and Ski Cape Smokey Ski Hill along with the majestic Keltic Lodge. About 1 km in, take a right and proceed to the beach and tennis courts located in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Once back to the intersection take a right and head towards the Keltic Lodge. About 1 km down the road you will come to a look off. This is where you will see the spectacular view of Cape Smokey Mountain, the Ski Hill and Ingonish Beach. Just past the look off you will come to the Highlands Links Club House and Golf Course, one of the world\'s top golf courses. You will pass the coffee shop and White Birch Inn and then come upon the Keltic Lodge and head back to the turnoff at the Cabot Trail. 

Ingonish Beach - Distance - 1.6 km

Start - Creek Road Turnoff (just past the Skyline Cabins). This is a very short route that offers spectacular views of Ingonish Harbour, Middle Head (Keltic Lodge), Ingonish Beach, Fresh Water Lake, Cape Smokey, Mountain and Keltic Cape Smokey Ski Hill. This is not a loop, and you return via the same road. Mountain Biking You can mountain bike on the Clyburn Trail, and Branch Pond Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.


The climb up Cape Smokey toward Ingonish