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Boat Tours and Whale Watching

Ever been splashed by a whale?  

That’s as close as you want to get to these giant mammals of the sea but watching them is a beautiful thing.  As they breach and seemingly wave their tails before disappearing again, you feel like you just witness something very special.

Being out on the ocean allows you to get a sense of how vast the ocean is, smell the salt air and be free from the pressures of everyday life.  The coastline takes on a whole  different look when seen from the sea.

Minke and pilot whales are the most common species to be seen. On occasion, a fin or humpback has been spotted either by a fisherman or a whale tour operator.  A number of years ago, a beluga whale took refuge in our bay for several weeks – to the delight of local people and visitors alike.

Seals, sunfish, sharks and a variety of birds including bald eagles are common sightings.

Boat Tours and Whale Watching

Whale watching in Ingonish (photo by Wally Hayes, courtesy of Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture and Heritage)

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