Bretoba Contracting

I am a red seal carpenter that hunts out fun, interesting projects on the island.  I have been a part of various trades throughout my working life. Our company began in Alberta, but has been established in Cape Breton since 2010.  I have traveled the country, mostly in the maritimes to build specific units. But I sure like building where I live, where most others are on holiday.  Just check out our lunchtime pics. There are not many that will be able to surpass our daily view. I am a Manitoba boy that fell for the Cape Breton girl first, the Cape Breton Landscape and Lifestyle next.
I am extremely precise and my standards are extremely high. I love my job. We strive to find the right crew to show our ambition, and strive to be the best for our clients.  We want to continue to expand our abilities to provide better service.
Alain Beaudin, General Contractor

Address PO Box 105, Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada


Phone (Primary) (902) 285-0755


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